Teal and Rose is a luxury tea company, founded in Vancouver, Canada. Our company puts convenience first every step of the way from producing your tea in a bag to clever packaging that allows easy access. We always buy ethically, ensuring positive working relationships with all our partners. We value giving back and do this by sharing our profits with much needed charities in our community. Our founder, who has always admired the art of aromatherapy, wished to create a fine tea company that included ‘perfumesque’ aromatic notes. Her mission is to fire up one's olfactory senses in each cup of tea so that it can play a pivotal role in embedding memories and thoughts of relaxation, peace, and rest. Our team created a fine tea company that with its taste, aroma, aesthetically pleasing design, and charitable contribution can be the perfect addition to your home, workplace, and events.

Our luxury hand-plucked teas are delicious on the palate, incredible to smell, and packaged with storage and ease with preparation in mind. This gives an all-round sensory experience.
To ensure you benefit from the flavour of our blends, we use plant-based biodegradable pyramids to allow our tea leaves to steep freely in the teabags and release the desired taste over the suggested brew time.

Our vision is to intertwine positivity, giving back, and luxury in the form of a cup of tea.